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We are Horus

   HORUS I.T Company is a full-fledged information technology company duly registered in Nigeria, it is a trusted I.T outsourcing provider with a diverse and innovative range of services.
      we assist brands at every stage of their I.T / business transformation from technology selection to Application development, System integration and maintenance.


      HORUS is committed to the growth of brands through our customized digital, Web strategies and ingenious innovations.


      HORUS have helped about a 100+ brands discover the uniqueness of their business thereby translating their services to the online world to yield financial success. we research , scheme, monitor and continually raise our ideas and works to ensure our client’s brands/business sync with the topmost standard of the global technology .


    Our longevity is built on a reputation for discovering the uniqueness of a business .we want your business to succeed through online presence. our focus is on building brands online image and generating the greatest return through it


      HORUS firmly believe in being transparent , proactive and results driven thus giving optimum satisfaction to our teeming customer base as we gladly go to the second mile, and as many more as it takes to get the job done.

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Mission Statement.

Horus is dedicated to delivering the  most fostered innovation and technology to help our clients improve I.T efficiency and business profitability through software solutions.

OUR VISION is to build bridges between infotech and brands pragmatism. We believe that potent communication with your online domicilation is the key to the future.

Horus make technology an asset for your business and not a complication. Too many times we have seen other I.T firms propose panaceas that are not appropriate for the specific client’s brand or will not take a business operations into their planning before recommending solutions .

That is intolerable . Horus is known for effective service delivery ; we help brands realize their weighted potential .

Knock on wood!.

We strive to make technology integrate Seamlessly with your business so your business can grow . As your tech partner , when your business grows . Ours will grow with you , therefore , we will work hand in hand with you to support your growth .

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